In this text tutorial, I'll be showing you how to install Wine and configure it so you can run A Hero's Call.
The good news: You will be able to run any game that uses SAPI after this on your mac!
The bad news: The process is a bit lengthy, but not too hard.

Step 1: Download Wine for Mac

To download Wine for mac, go
The latest version, as of now, is 3.0 RC. If there is a newer version, download it. You want to download the development version, as it is the most recent.

Step 2: Install Wine

Now, run the wine package you just downloaded, and install it.

Step 3: Run the wine devel.app application that was installed so a wine prefix can be created.

This is important, because without a wine prefix, you won't be able to run programs.
When you first launch wine, it will try to install Mono and Gecko. You will need neither of these, and the installers are inaccessible. Simply tab and press enter in the windows. The window should close. If it doesn't, command tab out, then back in, and try tabbing and pressing enter again.
Once the windows close, you should be left with a terminal window.

Step 4: Install Homebrew

If you don't already have Homebrew, you should now install it. We will install Winetricks using homebrew.
To install homebrew, type the following command.
You may be asked to enter your password.

Step 5: Install Winetricks

Open up terminal, and type:
Enter your password, and winetricks will install. This process may take a bit.

Step 6: Install the Dot Net framework and the Microsoft Speech SDK

You should still have terminal open. If not, reopen it.
Now, type:
Now, wait.

Step 7: Run A Hero's Call

Now, you'll be able to run AHC! Activate the game, and give it a go!
If something doesn't work, drop me a tweet or an email.